Wednesday Afternoon League, Pairs


1. Games to be played only on Wednesday afternoons, over 18 ends, starting at 2.00. If a team cannot field 2 players within 15 min then they forfeit the match..

2.. Tea to be taken after 9 ends (see rota on fixture list).  Team on Admin rota to collect match fee from players (£2pp) and place (in envelope) in treasurers box in the clubhouse.

3. Should inclement weather interrupt play so as to prevent completion of the game then if 12-17 ends completed, that score stands.  Less than 12 ends, then treat it as a tie.

4.  Winning team awarded 2 points.  1 point to be awarded to each team in a tied game.

5. A completed scorecard, with the names of all players and the result, to be handed in immediately following each game.

6. In the event of a tie for first place (irrespective of shot difference) at the end of the program a tie-break best of 3 ends to be played.

7. Each team to play every other team according to the schedule to complete the League program .

8. A small prize to be awarded to each member of the winning team.

9. Each team to have a name consisting of not more than three words.

10. Dress code to be Greys

11. At the start of play team to toss to chose who leads first end.  Scoring is "straight in" - all shots count.

12. It is permissible for a team to change positions once in any match at the start of any end.  Once they have changed they are not permitted to change back.

13. If alternate dates have to be used due to inclement weather there are spare dates at the end of the season. Should there be a backlog of games toward the end of the season 2 nine end games may be played.

14.If a match is not played on the scheduled date (e.g. caused by rain) then the envelope with score-cards should be moved to the end of the string, so that it becomes available at the end of the scheduled matches for a “reserve” date.

15. Any disputes to be settled by the playing sub-committee whose decision shall be final.

                                                                                                                           updated 01 Jun 2021


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