5 August 2012

Open Competition


The day started fair, entries were down on previous competitions and the preliminary rounds were played one after another using seven rinks.

Let battle commence.

And then the rain arrived, it was hard enough to interrupt play, and most took the opportunity to take an early lunch.

The hardier souls completed the round. 

Lunch was prepared by the usual suspects, led by Captain Beaky and ably assisted by other members.
After lunch the weather changed again, with blue skies and enough sun to produce shadows
We had the odd interested spectators
All premlins completed the four top teams split for the semis.

Fordham, Mitchell Lodge and two Bottisham teams.

See no evil...
A frequently heard cry (with a Scottish accent) was "Well bowled George!"
Successful finalists were Fordham and one of the Bottisham squads.

(There had to be at least one Bottisham squad because they played each other in the semi).

Bottisham were extremely generous to the visitors, who took full advantage.
With the change in weather the spectators were now searching out the shadier areas.




Bottisham fought back
Despite some close calls, including one for a independent measurer (left), Fordham prevailed
Third place: Mitchell Lodge Second place: Bottisham
Winners: Fordham

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