September 4, 2013


Bottisham Winners v Newmarket Winners played at Bottisham

Bottisham, left to right: Jo Dennis, Gerald Gilbey, Cindy King, Brian Banyard, Katy Rowe, David Frost

(Cindy and David "borrowed" from the runners-up to enable two triples to be played).

Newmarket, left to right: Mick Jeffery, Eileen Carter, Tony Malindine, Ian McCarthy, Sue Mowl, Tony Hide


With that scoreline I would be scratching my head as well....
Katy was equally determined
It was nice to see support from both clubs, taking care to sit in the shade on a very hot day.
After the match refreshments were enjoyed by both competitors and spectators 
Thanks to all who assisted on the day, and

congratulations to "Sea Kings" for resounding victories

in both the league and the Challenge match.

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